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About us

In private capital markets we offer unbiased advice with respect to mergers & acquisitions, capital raising transactions and other corporate finance issues.
In public capital markets we focus on systematic investment strategies and automated trading execution across various asset classes including equities, fixed income, commodities and digital assets
VLG Capital was founded in 2016 and advises clients with regards to public markets investments and private equity/debt transactions

Investment principles

We believe that investment portfolio has to be hedged against significant deterioration in value while keeping upside potential
We believe that there is a more effective way to invest in equity and fixed income markets than via market indices
We believe that we can improve risk/reward profile of investments by combining human experience with possibilities of an automated system
Pavel Altukhov


VLG Capital is a team of seasoned investment professionals with a successful multi-year track record in public and private capital markets.
Over 10 years of institutional equity and fixed income trading experience. 5+ years of investment advisory for large international accounts incl family offices and corporates. Founded VLG Capital in 2016. Masters in Economics, MGIMO

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Mikhail Kart
Over 15 years of investment advisory experience in public and private capital markets. C-level positions in an LSE listed international media holding. Since early 2019 Partner at VLG Capital. Masters in Finance, University of St Gallen

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Public capital markets

Our investment strategies are strictly rules-based. That allows us to conduct detailed research on historical data ensuring persistency and predictability of investment results
Our investment philosophy is based on the synergy effect of the combination of traditional asset management, quantitative methods and modern technologies
Our goal is to deliver outstanding returns to investors by exploiting the synergy of fundamental and quantitative approaches
Automatization of trade execution allows to successfully develop investment strategies of any complexity, reduce transaction fees and minimize risks associated with «human factor»
VLG Diversified Alpha Strategy
Best Derivatives Fund of the Year
Russian Hedge Fund Awards 2019

Research and development process

By combining investment & research team's expertise we designed a general research and development process that ensures data and results reliability in each development stage

Investment thesis formation
The basis for investment thesis formation is a fundamental investment idea supported by market expertise and academic research

Investment model construction

We define the key parameters of the model: types of instruments, markets, detailed rules and primary strategy parameters

Model statistical analysis

For the research purposes we prepare historical data, account for transactional expenses and liquidity of the traded instruments. Statistical research allows us to collect and analyze statistics. Based on the data we modify the investment model

Model finalization and approval

We match model's performance and risk metrics against our internal requirements, such as risk adjusted return, its volatility and uniformity. We run specifically designed stress tests to prove model's stability and its performance persistency.

Move to tradable strategy

Once the model passed the stress test it is integrated with automated execution module and included in the trading portfolio.

Private capital markets

We provide corporate finance advisory services to clients when it comes to mergers & acquisitions, divestiture of assets and capital raising.
VLG Capital’ s investment team has a successful deal execution track record specializing in TMT sector.


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